Full List of Tribes in Edo State Nigeria

Contrary to what a lot of people think, Edo state is not just occupied by the Binis and Esans. It is occupied by nine other tribes. Edo state was created in 1991 and has Benin city as its capital. It is one of the states in Nigeria with tribes that have a lot in common with tribes from other states. This state occupies the mid-western region and is the 22nd biggest state in Nigeria.

Below are the tribes in Edo state.

Okpamheri Tribe

The Okpameri people of Edo state are fund in Akoko-Edo local government area. The Okpameri people are very peaceful and hospitable people and are majorly farmers.

Although Christianity is the major religion of the Okpameri people a few of them still practice their traditional religion. The people of Okpameri are known to feed on pounded yam and vegetable soup.

Uneme Tribe

The people of Uneme are found in Afemailand. They occupy present day Akoko and are made up of 6 communities. It is believed that the people of Uneme migrated from the old Benin kingdom after they had a misunderstanding with the Oba.

This people are known for their skills as blacksmiths and are predominantly Christians. They mostly feed on pounded yam and soup.

Yoruba Tribe

The Yoruba tribe located in Edo state is a minority tribe. Unlike the Yorubas in other states, the Yorubas in Edo sate are politically and economically disadvantaged. The Yoruba tribe in Edo is located in a part of Edo that is close to Ore in Ondo state. Although this people speak the Yoruba language, their dialect is influenced by the Bini language.

Although the Yorubas in Edo are predominantly Christians, some of them still practice their traditional religion. This people are farmers and traders. They are known to feed on soup and processed yam flour.

Esan Tribe

The Esan people are one of the most dreaded tribes to come out of Edo state. This is probably because of the fact that they are traditionalists to the core. The Esan peole are located in present day Edo central senatorial district.

The Esan tribe is made up of about 35 clans. They are quite similar to the Bini people. Farming is the major occupation of the Esan people. Also Christianity is widely practiced in this tribe.

Bini tribe

The Bini tribe is one of the few tribes in Nigeria that was once an empire. The bini people are found in Benin City, in present day edo state. They are known for their very superior diabolic powers. The average Bini man is believed to have some form of spiritual fortification. This makes them dreaded by people of other tribes.

The people of Bini are farmers and are predominantly Christians. Although, Bini people practice Christianity, traditional worship is still very common. They eat egusi soup and pounded yam.

Owan Tribe

The Owan tribe is a minority tribe in Edo state. The Owan people speak the Afemai language, a language that is very closely related to other Edo languages.

The Owan people occupy the Owan local government area. They are not a politically significant tribe because of their population. Farming is practiced by the predominantly Christian community of Owan.

Etsako Tribe

The Etsako tribe is a large tribe that occupies six local government areas in Edo state. These local government areas are Etsako central, Etsako west, Etsako east, Owan east, Owan west, Etsako west and Akoko north.

Other Tribes without Detailed Information

Ebu Tribe

Etuno Tribe

Of all the tribes in Edo state, the Etasko tribe has the highest population of Muslims. Farming is the major occupation practiced by indigenes of the Etsako tribe

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  • May 21, 2018 at 6:50 am

    A good write-up, but you got your facts wrong about the Etsako people. They only occupied three indigenous local government, than the six local governments you allegedly stated. They are Etsako west, Etsako central and Etsako east local government area respectively…


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