List of All Tribes in Gombe State Nigeria

Gombe State, ” The Jewel in the Savannah” as it is fondly called was established by the late General Sani Abacha in 1996 from the Old Bauchi state.

It got that nickname because of the numerous investment opportunities in Agriculture, power generation, solid minerals, industries, housing and tourism development found in this state.

Gombe State comprises of many tribal or ethnic groups among which are the Hausa, Tangale, Terawa, Waja, Kumo, Fulani, Kanuri, Bolewa, Jukun, Pero/Shonge, Tula, Cham, Lunguda, Dadiya, Banbuka etc. and Hausa is the common language of the people even though the Hausa tribes are few. In today’s article, we will talk about four tribes in Gombe state Sit back and enjoy the read.



Kwami Tribe Image result for Kwami Tribe

The Kwami people occupy the Kwami local government area in Gombe state. Although it is not certain where the Kwami tribe originated from, a lot of historians believe that this tribe migrated from the Middle East during the years of the Kanem-Bornu Empire.

The Kwami people just like most other tribes with traceable histories to the Middle East are Muslims. Also, farming is the major occupation of people from this tribe.


Waja TribeImage result for waja tribe in gombe

The waja people are found in the south eastern part of Gombe state. History has it that the people of Waja migrated from Yemen. In pre-colonial days, the Waja people were known warriors and were feared by their neighbors.

The waja tribe derives most of its tradition from the Islamic religion. Farming is the main occupation that practiced by the Waja people.


Hausa Tribe

The Hausa tribe is one of the few tribes in Gombe state. These people occupy a large land mass in addition to occupying lots of key positions in the state. People from the Hausa tribe speak the Hausa language. This language is similar to Arabic. As a matter of fact, almost half of the words in the Hausa language are gotten from Arabic. As a result of this, Hausas read and write Arabic easily. The similarities between the Hausa language and Arabic also suggests that the Hausa people have their roots in the Middle East.

Hausa men put on Babban Riga while their women tie wrappers on blouses and cover their heads with hijabs.


Tangale Tribe

The Tangale kingdom, where the Tangale tribes can be found is also called Maidom, which was believed to be a direct product of immigration, conglomeration and fusion of people and communities over time. This all began as far back as the early 13th century AD; which was traced back to the Middle East, via Egypt, the Chad Basin and Ngazargamu. It is believed that the Tangale tribe were mostly traditionalist but due to the influence of the colonial masters, some of the people converted to Christianity even though there are Muslims there.

The Tangale people are believed to be farmers and cattle rearing.

Even though there are more tribes found in Gombe state that we could not do justice to. We will be delighted if you could tell us more about other tribes found in Gombe state and how they came to be. We will love to learn from you as you learn from us. We look forward to hearing from you.






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