Full List of All Tribes in Nasarawa State Nigeria

There are various tribes found in nasarawa state which consist of Alago tribe, Fulani tribe, Hausa, Afo and Tiv tribes. Let’s share little bit of how Nasarawa came to be.

The creation of present-day Nasarawa State owes its existence to the colonial creation of Nasarawa Province in 1902. Nasarawa was at first called the Lower Benue Province in 1900, but after the formal submission of the Emir of Nasarawa in 1902, the name of the Province was changed to Nasarawa and the capital was moved from Akpanaja to Nasarawa town.

Alago Tribe Image result for alago tribe

The people of Alago occupy three local government areas in Nasawara state. They are Doma, Keana and Obi. It is believed that this tribe migrated from present-day Taraba. They have a land mass of 3,762.1km2 and a population of 219,607 people.

Men of this tribe are farmers while women trade in salt. Alago people practice Islam and Christianity. Also they have similar dress styles to other Northern tribes.


Afo Tribe Image result for nigerian woman on hijab

The Afo people are closely related to the Idoma tribe. The Afo tribe have a population of 100,000. They are found in modern-day Nasawarwa. The Afo tribe is a commercially advanced tribe. Their occupations include farming, weaving and dyeing.

Most people in Afo are traditionalists. However, a small group of them are Muslims. The tradition of the Afo people has been almost entirely replaced by Islamic beliefs. Men from this tribe put on flowing gowns while women tie wrappers on blouses and have their heads covered with hijabs.

Hausa Tribe

The Hausas migrated from the Middle East before the 14th century. They occupy a large part of Northern Nigeria. The Hausas are arguably the most known as well as an exposed tribe in Northern Nigeria. They are a very influential tribe and occupy many honourable positions in the country. These people have a large population and as a result of their population, they have a very great influence on the outcome of elections on the federal level.

The Hausas are predominantly Muslims. They became Muslims in the 14th century after they came in contact with traders from Mali and North Africa. Farming and trading are the two major occupations of the Hausas.

The Hausas have a very rich culture and their foods are not left out of this. Hausa meals are usually made from processed maize, rice and millet.

Fulani Tribe

The Fulani tribe in Nasarawa is one of the many tribes in the state. This tribe does not exactly occupy any particular geographical location in the state. They are found in various parts of Nasarawa state, this can be attributed to their nomadic nature. The Fulanis speak Fulfude, they also partly understand the Hausa language.

Cattle rearing, as well as farming, are the major occupations of the Fulani people. Also, the Fulanis are predominantly Muslims. Men from this tribe put on Babban riga while the women tie wrappers on a blouse and cover their heads with hijab.

Tiv Tribe

The Tiv people in Nassarawa state have a very small population. They are very few when compared to the Tiv people in Benue state. These people are majorly farmers and are also Christians. Meals eaten by the Tiv people are usually made from processed millet and maize.

Even though it came out of the plateau province some of the groups that were formally under Nasarawa Province were transferred to Plateau while others were incorporated into Benue Province. The present-day Nasarawa is being governed by His Excellency Alhaji Umaru Tanko Al-Makura.

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    What of ebirra ,madam,eggon,gbagi ,agatu(Idoma) etc

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    You need to do more research in all the states because your information seems not tobbe complete .you need to take your time and visit the states and get more information.you missed a lot of things ,it’s not a crime for you to Google the states and get more info because these ststes already have their informations


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