List of All Tribes in Oyo State Nigeria

Oyo state is a state in southwest Nigeria that was craeted in 1976. It is host to Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa and also the capital of Oyo state. Oyo state is dominated by the Yoruba tribe. It is also occupied by the Ibadan tribe, a subtribe under the Yoruba tribe.

Yoruba Tribe

The Yoruba tribe is the only tribe that dominates Oyo state. These people are identified by very large tribal marks on their faces. There is no history about when these people arrived Oyo. However, it is believed they have occupied Oyo since the inception of time. But before them came other tribes that existed as well. So let’s educate you a bit.

Ibadan Tribe: Ibadan came into existence in 1829, during a period of turmoil that characterized Yorubaland at the time. It was in this period that many old Yoruba cities such as old Oyo (Oyo ile), Ijaye and Owu disappeared, and newer ones such as Abeokuta, new Oyo (Oyo atiba) and Ibadan sprang up to replace them.

Other tribes include: Ibarapas, Oyos, Oke-Oguns and Ogbomosos.

Are you aware of other tribes in Oyo state that were not mentioned here, feel free to state them in the comment section. You can also know more about the tribes in Nigeria by subscribing to this blog.

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