How to make the most of WAEC 2019 Timetable

Is WAEC 2019 Timetable out? This is the question a lot of candidates are asking at the moment. The West African and Examination Council WAEC releases the WAEC Timetable for May/June WAEC Examination every year. This articles provides full information about the WAEC 2019/2020 Timetable for WAEC May-June Examination. As well as hints on how to make the most use of the WAEC 2019 timetable.

WAEC 2019 Timetable

The West African and Examination Council WAEC is yet to release the WAEC 2019/2020 Timetable for May/June WAEC Examination. However, the examinations is expected to hold between March and May, 2019.
Importantly, the WAEC Timetable is valid for all the West African Countries who take the WAEC Examination. So we have Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leon, Gambia, and Zambia. Immediately after the exams, candidates should expect the result within August and December.

How To Make the Most Out of WAEC 2019 Timetable

Usually, the WAEC timetable is very voluminous. Because of the number of subjects and specific requirements for different countries, WAEC timetable usually consists of about 50 subjects alongside practical.
WAEC candidates can make the most out of the WAEC timetable. First, it is advised to jot down your specific subjects on a plain sheet of paper. consequently, paste this in your room. You can also snap and have it on your phone. Furthermore, ensure you put down the date, time and duration for each subjects. As a Nigerian candidate, you are expected to write nine (9) subjects. In addition, you also have practicals.

 More information on how to Use the 2019 WAEC Timetable Effectively

More importantly, examine the syllabus and check the subjects you find difficult. Then take more time to study these subjects ahead of time. As this will give you ample time to master such subjects.
Furthermore, study the subjects towards the end of the timetable first. Then when it is about a week or two to the exam, start with the subjects you have earlier.
Also, always leave a gap of a few days to revise your next subject. For instance, when your next subject is about two days, avoid studying other subjects. As this will help prevent interference
Consequently, visit the WAEC portal regularly to get a hold of timetable adjustments when it happens. Because WAEC can alter the timetable without private notification to each candidate.
In addition, ensure you check your time table everyday. So you do not forget any paper.
Finally, be at the examination hall at least two hours to the examination time. As this will give you time to refresh your brain. Also it will help you relax while waiting for exams to start.


WAEC 2019 Syllabus

Apart from the WAEC timetable, one important tool you need is the WAEC syllabus. As having a good grasp of the syllabus can help you excel in your WAEC examination. So also, you need to have unlimited access to past questions and answers. As this will also aid you in preparation .
Like you know, questions are usually just recycled by WAEC. So when you practice lots of past questions, you increase your chances of passing. Because you will most likely meet same questions just a little reformed.

Note that the WAEC syllabus provides the list of topics to study for each subject.

WAEC 2019/2020 Registration

The registration for WAEC 2019 examination is scheduled to start around November 2018. the process will end around January 2019. But it will not exceed February, 2019
You can either use the e-registration process which is faster and more user friendly. Or you can do your registration on paper.
The procedure for e-registration is simple;
a. First log on to the WAEC portal at
b. Then click on the ” May/June Examinations ” button
c. Sign in as a new user with your school
d. Then, enter all necessary information. Such as examination centre number, passport, subjects offered and your full name.
e. Finally click the “Checkbox”. As this will confirm your entry.
Note that after registration, you are allowed to download the syllabus and timetable

Also, for candidates of a school to use the e-registration, the school must have paid to WAEC and procured the online registration scratch card.

Visit for more recent details on WAEC 2019/2020 Examination Timetable.

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