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Is WAEC Timetable out? This is one of the most common questions prospective candidates ask every year as regards the West African Examination Council Exams. This article will help candidates answer these questions. In addition, it will provide latest WAEC Nigeria News.

Official WAEC 2019/2020 Timetable

Since WAEC has not officially released the WAEC 2019/2020 timetable. It is not available for download. However there are certain information every prospective candidate should know about WAEC Timetable Nigeria. For instance, information on how to pass using the timetable and syllabus and how to download the WAEC 2019 timetable.

Important Information About the WAEC Timetable

1. The timetable is not for Nigeria alone. Because it works for all the West African countries that usually participate in the WAEC examination. So we have Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leon, Zambia and Nigeria.
2. Over 50 subjects are on WAEC timetable for 2019/2020/. Each scheduled to be written at different dates and times.
3. You are expected to write 9 subjects and practical as a Nigerian candidate.

Download WAEC Timetable for May/June 2019/2020

The official May/June WAEC timetable for 2019/2020 is yet to be out. As a result, it is not yet available for download. However, it will be available for download once it has been released. You can download the WAEC timetable here

How to Make use of the WAEC Timetable effectively

It is of no use jotting down all 50 subjects on the timetable. So simply get a sheet of paper and write down the date, time and duration for each of the 9 subjects that you offer alongside practical. You can do well in your WAEC by studying according to the timetable and syllabus.

WAEC May/June Examination – Things to Know

1. In a case where there is disparity in time on Question Paper and timetable, you are expected to adhere to the time on question paper
2. Certain question papers and instructions will be given out two weeks to schools prior to the date of the examination. These include;
(i) Visual Art paper 3A;
(ii) Visual Arts Paper 3B
(iii) Genera Knowledge In Art Paper 3
(iv) Project Work Papers for Leatherwork, Basketry, Dyeing and Bleaching, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Sculpture and Picture Making. Also, textiles, Jewellery, Painting & Decoration and Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repair

3. For candidates writing Visual Arts Paper 3c, they will be required to complete their projects within six months of the examination year. Subsequently, WAEC will inform the schools about the time for the submission of the projects.
4. For candidates offering Block Laying, Bricklaying and Concrete Works 3 (Practical), they will receive their question papers three days prior to the date of examination
5. There is usually extra time for special candidates. For instance the Blind, Deaf and Dumb Candidates are allotted one and half times the time allowed to other candidates.

WAEC 2019 Registration

The West African Examination Councils have certain rules and regulation guiding the registration for their exams. In addition, there are also rules guiding the whole examination process for candidates.
a. WAEC Examination fees are non refundable.
b. Above all, candidates must register for WAEC. This usually starts with fingerprints collation. In other words, you are expected to email your fingerprints.
c. All prospective candidates must purchase the pin code for uploading entries
d. In addition, WAEC entries must be submitted with clean and clear passport photographs.

Important Note: Once you have purchased the pin code, you can use it anywhere for registration and uploading entries on the WAEC portal

WAEC 2019/2020 General Guidelines

a. You can download the timetable from the WAEC official website , however you must ensure you study the syllabus carefully
b. Loss of pin code for registration will attract the purchase of a new one
c. WAEC does not allow candidates to smoke in examination halls
d. No use of phones and electronic organizers in the examination halls.
e. WAEC does not allow examination malpractice.

WAEC GCE 2019/2020

There has been the introduction of the first and second series for the WAEC GCE examination. For instance, the first series is written between January and February. After that, the second series is written between August and September.

The WAEC GCE timetable for 2019/2020 has not been officially released. As a result, it is not yet available for download. But candidates can register for the WAEC GCE here

 WAEC Timetable Adjustment

Candidates should look out for adjustments in the WAEC timetable. For instance, adjustments can occur prior to exam or even during the exam. So ensure you are on the lookout for information concerning the WAEC timetable and adjustments.

Important: Click here for latest news on WAEC

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