Ways To Save Money While Planning Any Event

When it comes to celebrating an event, we tend to throw caution to the wind only to be disillusioned the next day by our account balance, credit card debts and every other kind of financial detail.

However, even with the knowledge of  debts we could incur by going overboard, we still go ahead to do just that, why? Because we want that day to be awesome, spectacular, great, classy, dramatic, out of this world… the list goes on and on.

I say why have an average event to save money when you can have a great event and save money? Here are some great ways to save money and still have an occasion of your dream!



Well its not a cliche that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Whatever the occasion, the cost,energy and time-saving advantage of planning can not be overemphasized. So before you take any step towards your big day, why not take your time to map out exactly what you want to happen and how you want it to happen. Make sure that your plans shows the must haves(necessities) and the gotta haves(wants). Simply, prioritize.



Without a budget, you purchase without having to look for the best deal on items moreover a budget acts as a check; it sets off a ringing consciousness in your head immediately you go over.

More People More Money


Granted, no one is probably going to have the kinda crowd in the picture above at a personal occasion…except you have a money plantation…literally. However, make your guest list as small as possible not only would it save you money, it would also save you from getting a migraine!

Wholesale Purchase


With so many retail stores around us, we tend to forget how much cheaper it is to buy items from wholesalers. Now when I say wholesale purchase, I don’t mean purchasing even the smallest of items from a wholesale store because they tend to sell in large quantities. So next time you’re planning an occasion and you are thinking of buying a particular brand of drink or any other item in large quantities, think wholesale.



There are so many things you can do yourself to save a lot of money. For instance center pieces for tables. Think of what you would like on your table and get creative!

Scream “Help!”

Tired woman

You would be surprised how much the people around you are able to do. Now instead of paying a professional for everything, you can hand out party contracts to friends and family who will not just charge less, but might even be willing to help you free of charge. Now think of this, you have a close family member that cooks the kind of food gets people ‘mmming’, by enlisting his/her help for free or for a small amount, imagine how much you’ d be saving on food. You could also purchase a video recorder and enlist the help of a family member/friend or pay them a few bucks to capture your day.

Don’t Spend it All on the Location!

England Grand Hall

You won’t be given extra time on your location except of course you’re paying for it. So instead of paying so much for the grandest hall in the city why not get creative with venue ideas like using you backyard, your house or an inexpensive hall. Now don’t go muttering “I can’t use my house, it looks like …” Any place can be turned into a dream location by getting creative with decor and lightening.

Be Happy

Happy Couple

Finally your big day is here! you might be tempted to over think and wonder if everything is right but try not to. Enjoy your day, laugh over every issue and try not to give yourself a heart attack because even the grandest and most expensive of occasions have a hitch or two.

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