What is a Blog – A Comprehensive Answer

You must have heard the word ‘blog’ a thousand times already, but I guess you might not have an intricate of what a blog is.

I’ve heard people ask countless times, “what is the difference between a blog and a website?” or “what really is a blog”. I have answered those questions countless times to those who ask me, so much so that I have now decided to pen down a comprehensive answer to what a Blog is. So when next someone asks me that question, all I’ll do is send them a link to this article.

In this piece, I will tell you everything you should know about a Blog; what it is, and how it differs from a website.

So what is BLOG?

The most popular definition of a ‘blog’ is that it is a web page which is constantly being updated. The word ‘blog’ was coined from the words  ‘web log’, usually called ‘weblog’, although saying ‘weblog’ today sounds rather outdated. A blog is known to be an online diary or journal which is regularly being updated and shared publicly.

A Blog was previously seen as a single-page website which is updated in reverse chronological order (meaning that, newer entries appear at the top of the page) by people who have a thing or two to share with the public. However, a Blog is now known to be more than just one page of write-up on the web. It has grown to become one of the most far-reaching tools used in the dissemination of information. Blogs have become money-spinning ventures which can now be compared to websites. Today, numerous free websites where you can easily start a blog have sprung up. See my post on Top 20 websites to start a free blog today.

Uses of a Blog

A Blog can be used for hundreds of reasons which I’ll highlight soon enough. A Blog can be seen as an information center, hosted on the web. In view of this, it is clear that anyone with credible and interesting information they are willing to share can successfully own a blog.

A Blog can be used to publish information about the daily activities of the life of a person or group of persons. We’ve discussed how a Blog can be used in the dissemination of information and trending news around the world. Blogs have also become online learning centers where people easily and remotely share knowledge about any topic they are knowledgeable about.

Why should I own a blog?

The question should be ‘Why shouldn’t you?’ A Blog can be an asset if properly managed. It could be a source of income and become your full-time employment if you put your back into it. Like I shared in the subheading above, a Blog can be used to share information and knowledge remotely. A Blog can give a voice and an audience to someone who under normal circumstances might never get an audience.

Difference between a Blog and a website

You already know what a Blog should be all about and what it is exactly, so I’ll just go ahead and talk about what a website is and how it differs from a Blog. A website is anything you find when you log on to internet and type in a Uniform resource locator better known as a URL. Does that sound very similar to a blog? Of course, yes!

The major difference in the webpage that pops up from a Blog is the fact that a website contains a homepage which points to other pages. It would not be single or double-page webpage which is updated in reverse-chronological order. A Blog might be part of a website but not vice-versa. Here’s a quote from a popular Blogger:

“All Apples are Fruits, But all Fruits are not apples.

All Blogs are Websites, But all Websites are not Blogs.”

Terminologies associated with a Blog

There are a few terminologies which flow seamlessly with a Blog; I highlight a few of them below:


A blogger is someone who writes contents and updates a blog. A blogger is saddled with the responsibility of keeping a Blog lively and interesting.


Posting contents onto a Blog is known as the art Blogging. Every time you write an article and publish it on a Blog you are Blogging!

Blog post

The article or update published on a Blog is referred to as a Blog Post or simply ‘a post’.


There is an online community of Blogs and Bloggers, this known as the Blogosphere. You become a member when you create a Blog and start Blogging.

I believe you have been enlightened about what a Blog is all about. That’s our goal here at iDonsabi. Never stop learning 😉

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