World News for Nigerians Today 15th January 2019

World News Today: Polish Mayor Stabbed on Stage Dies and China’s Exports Suffers Major Fall. Continue reading iDonsabi news for the hottest world news.

1. Donald Trump Threatens to ‘Devastate’ Turkish Economy Over Syrian Kurds

US President Donald Trump has sent a message to Turkish President threatening to devastate Turkey economically if it attacks Kurdish forces in Syria following a planned pull out of US troops.

US troops fought alongside Kurdish forces in northern Syria against the Islamic State (IS) group. But turkey sees Kurds as terrorist with President Erdogan threatening to crush them. Trump in two separate tweets urge the two groups to maintain peaceful co-existence.

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2. Police Use Water Cannon and Tear Gas in Renewed Paris Protests

Police use water cannon tear gas in renewed Paris protests as the protest against French President Emmanuel Macron’s economic reforms enter the ninth weekend.

The Protesters are calling for President Emmanuel Macron’s resignation with one of their banner reading:

“Macron, we are going to tear down your place!”

3. Former Cabinet Member of Barack Obama, Julian Castro Joins Presidential Race

Julian Castro Former member of Barack Obama’s cabinet has joined the 2020 presidential race as Democrats are getting ready to challenge Donald Trump. He became the second Democrat to formally enter the race, after former Maryland representative John Delaney.

He told cheering supporters on Saturday “I’m running for president because it’s time for new leadership, because it’s time for new energy and it’s time for a new commitment to make sure that the opportunities that I’ve had are available to every American”.

4. China’s Exports Suffers Major Fall

China exports has suffered major fall amidst deteriorating global demand.

The world’s second largest economy has experienced the most unexpected fall in two years in December. Reports say imports are also shrinking.

5. Polish Mayor Stabbed On Stage Dies in Hospital

Pawel Adamowicz, the mayor of Gdanek was stabbed on Sunday by a man identified as Stefan who is claiming to have been wrongfully accused and jailed.

The Mayor was stabbed at at the Civil Platform by Stefan in front of shocked onlookers.

6. Zimbabweans Protest after Double Hike in Fuel Price

Zimbabweans took to the Street to protest hike in fuel price. Burning tyres and boulders were used to barricade roads and block buses from carrying passengers.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the fuel price rise is targeted at is aimed at tackling shortages caused by an increase in fuel use and “rampant” illegal trading.

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7. Canadian Sentenced To Death in China for Drug Trafficking

A Chinese court on Monday sentenced a Canadian man to death for drug smuggling after prosecutors said an original 15-year sentence announced in November was too lenient.

“Dalian Intermediate People’s Court in the northeast province of Liaoning retried Robert Lloyd Schellenberg and handed down the death penalty,’’ the court announced on its website.

The already sour relationship between Beijing and Ottawa may once again be tested since Canada arrested a Chinese executive at the request of the U.S. in December.

Canada’s arrest was followed by China’s detention of two Canadian citizens on suspicion of endangering state security.

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8. Fresh Gay Persecution Erupts in Russia – Activists

A Russian LGBT rights group on Monday reported a new wave of persecution against gay people in Chechnya, Russia. The report said, about 40 people have been arrested and two killed.

Chechen authorities immediately denied the claim which is coming two years after an international outcry when gay men in Russia said they had been tortured by law-enforcement agencies in the majority-Muslim Russian republic.

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9. Senegal Court Bars 2 Opposition Leaders from Contesting Presidential Election

Senegal’s Constitutional Court on Monday authorised five candidates, including an outgoing head of state, Macky Sall, to contest presidential elections next month but blocked two prominent opposition figures.

The two candidates who were blocked are former Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall and ex-minister Karim Wade because of convictions for misuse of funds.

10 Twitter Users Kick Over R Kelly’s Planned Escape, Probably to Africa

Some Africans have taken to Twitter to kick against US singer, R Kelly’s alleged plan to escape to Africa following his sex scandal.

The ‘Lean on me’ singer has come under a lot of fire since last year especially this year over numerous sexual abuse scandals which were detailed in a documentary.

The documentary, `Surviving R. Kelly’ is a six-part series detailing sexual abuse allegations against R. Kelly in the U.S. It aired for three nights, from Jan. 3 to Jan. 5, 2019.

The documentary showed the R & B singer’s reported two-decade history of using money and fame to sexually abuse women, oftentimes young black girls.





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