WWE Superstar Paige Emotional After Dwayne Johnson Asked To Make Her Life Into A Movie

WWE Superstar, Paige with the real name Saraya Jade Belvis was born into a wrestling family with her parents and brothers all master performers.

She could therefore be said to be used to all the bright lights, crowds, jeers and cheers that come with performing at the WWE, the number one sports entertainment company on the planet.

But being the face of a Hollywood blockbuster might have been too much for the superstar to handle at the time.

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A career in the WWE has always being the dream for the 26-yr-old. Her rise to fame including the pressures of going in her mother’s footsteps followed by a fall-out between her and her brother and the challenges of the ever-demanding life of a pro-wrestler were all revealed in the biopic, ‘Fighting with my Family’

Paige’s biopic was produced by Fast and Furious’ Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock and director, Steven Merchant of the popular, The Office.

Paige reportedly cried her eyes out when The Rock informed her he wanted to make her life a movie. It must have been so emotional for her.

That said, she deserves more than that. Apart from coming from a family made up of masters of the art, she went on to dominate as a WWE Diva.

She was infact the youngest woman to hold the Diva Champion title and she did that in her debut match!

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