Zidane Threatens To Leave Real Madrid If His Choices Are Meddled With

Zinedine Zidane has threatened to leave his job at Real Madrid if the management interferes in any of his player choices at the club.

Zidane who made a return to the club during the course of the season was making reference to goalkeeper selection issues when he was handing out this quit threat.

The Los Blancos signed Thibaut Courtois for £35m while they still have Keylor Navas in their ranks and an incoming Luca to struggle for a first team spot.

Zidane has now sent a clear warning to the management at the Bernabeu that he won’t be pressured into making choices based on transfer fees alone.

The Frenchman said the choice of who the first or second goalkeepers are would be solely his.

“I will decide who will be the first and second choice goalkeepers,” the French gaffer said.

“It’s my decision. It’s as clear as water. If I can’t do what I want with my team, I’ll leave, that’s for sure. “Then there are people who sign players and we do that together.

“But the starting 11, the bench, those that aren’t in the squad, that’s only for me to decide.”

Zidane has also revealed that Welshman, Gareth Bale isn’t part of his plans for next season and has now made it clear that he wants the winger of the club this summer.

Rumours have it that Keylor Navas is also in this sort of dicey revelation but Zidane blatantly denied any reports of the club asking the Costan Rican to find himself a new club.

If I’ve said goodbye to him, if I want him to leave… there’s one game left,” said the French man.

“The goalkeeper position will be very clear next year, but nothing more. We’ll see what happens.

“As for Keylor, who knows what I’ve told him, no one knows. I’ve spoken with everyone. Navas has a contract, then we’ll see.”

Real Madrid will lock horns with Real Betis in the final game of the campaign.

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