25 Igbo Traditional Wedding Attires that We Absolutely Love

The Igbo traditional wedding is called “Igbankwu” in the Igbo language. It is a social event that is laced with the Igbo tradition and lots of heavy spending. During “Igbankwu” both the families of the groom and bride look their best. Although there are usually lots of disagreements as regards how much the groom’s family should really pay before being allowed access to the bride, all these are masked by the beautiful attires of both the bride and groom.

If you will be attending an Igbo traditional wedding any time soon and need ideas on what to put on, then, you are on the right page. This article contains 25 Igbo traditional wedding attires that we absolutely love.

That being said, below are some of the best Igbo traditional wedding attires.

1.  Photo by @haqotiz

Will you be wedding any time soon? If yes, you can make this one of your outfits for the day.

2. Photo by @naijaweddingsconnect

It is amazing to have a beautifully dressed bride on your traditional wedding day. However, even more beautiful is a cute couple.

3.  Photo by @amen_afronordicbabe

This picture says it all. Igbo brides can slay. Well, you do not have to be an Igbo bride to be dressed in this.


4. Photo by @beelicious_by-bee

Do you intend to keep it really simple, this design is one you should try.

5. Photo by @bella_oh

Pink can be worn for any occasion, traditional weddings are not an exception.

6. Photo by @igbankwunigeria

Yellow and red will always look great on any bride. This is irrespective of tribe or style.

7.  Photo by @laprimabrides

Well, you do not have to tie wrapper on a blouse to be considered an Igbo bride, a nice skirt and blouse design will be great.

8. Photo by @gazmadu

It’s okay to show some skin if that’s what rocks your boat.

9.  Photo by @mz_uddie

Looking for a couple crush, this is perhaps the perfect couple.

10. Photo by @lasoftphotography

Slaying is not for brides alone, Igbo grooms slay too.

11. Photo by @lasoftphotography

Sometimes a red bead and bag are the needed accessories to help you look good.

12.  Photo by @felsmakeover

Beaded caps can always replace the regular headgear.

13. Photo by @nkaytchee

Being an Igbo bride is not all about tieing wrappers, beautiful gowns such as this can be worn too.


14.  Photo by @smilefidelix

This is how you dress when you get married to the woman of your dreams.

15. Photo by @cimsons

You can be a bride and still be a lady in red. Also, with these extra accessories, you won’t get it wrong.

16. Photo by @promzy_officially

Igbo traditional attires are always perfect when worn with red caps.

17. Photo by @lizzycoolbeautyzone

A blend of red and silver is great but looks even better with an amazing bead.

18.  Photo by @bridalguidenigeria

It is very easy to look good in an attire such as this. Beads will also add the much needed extra touch.

19.  Photo by @ayotola_

This gown is perhaps what you need to be the beautiful bride that you have always dreamt of.

20. Photo by @igbowedding

A combination of a red headgear, a red wrapper and white beads will look great of a bride of any complexion.

21. Photo by @e.s.o.u

A father-son moment looks better when everyone is clad in the right attire.

22. Photo by @igboweddings

This outfit is proof that red is an embellishment to every bride’s natural beauty.

23. Photo by @igboweddings

You don’t have to be an African to look like a real Igbo groom.

24.  Photo by @igboweddings

Whatever your choices in style are, there will always be an Igbo traditional attire for you.

25. Photo by @igboweddings

Ladies can never get it wrong with pink.

There is always going to be a beautiful wedding attire that you will love irrespective of your budget. All you need to do is get in touch with the right fashion designer and the rest will be history.

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