All You Need to Know About JAMB CAPS for Admission

Many candidates seeking admission into a Nigerian university comes across the  term “jamb caps” often. This article is aimed at addressing this popular term.

What is JAMB CAPS?

The JAMB CAPS Central Admission Processing System  is a special platform created by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board for use by the admission seeking candidates. The portal allows candidates to choose to accept or reject admission offered to them for a particular year’s admission exercise.

The main reason why the JAMB CAPS was created was to ensure that the admission process into higher institutions are adequately monitored, fair, transparent and plausible. For instance, with the JAMB CAPS, it is hardly possible for a candidate to be given preference over another based on an affinity to a person of authority within any institution.

The JAMB CAPS also allows admission seekers to check their admission status, accept or reject offers and initiate their admission process.
In addition, it serves as a sort of reservoir where institutions can search for and select candidates who meet their cut off points and conditions for admission.


As a candidate seeking admission, you can make use of the JAMB CAPS for accepting or rejecting admission offers using your mobile device or a computer. However, you must have adequate knowledge of the platform and how it works to avoid situations that could jeopardise your admission status.

Here are important things you need to know about the JAMB CAPS

1. Once you have been offered admission into any higher institution, you are expected to signify your interest or disinterest in such offer as soon as possible.
This is important in order to allow further processing of your admission. Also accepting or rejecting the admission on the JAMB CAPS admission portal will allow you to easily monitor your admission status and know the right steps to take.
2. The JAMB CAPS is especially important because not all institutions post the list of candidates they have offered admission on their portal. However, if you are one who is familiar with the use of the platform, you will easily find whether you have been given admission or not.
3. Once you have accepted an offer, the implication is that you are no longer open to be admitted by any other institution. Their is no more question of choice as to where to further your admission process. Also when you reject an offer, the JAMB CAPS automatically leaves you open to offers from other institutions.

Other things to note about JAMB CAPS

4. You must constantly check the platform for updates on admissions lists into institutions as you may not receive notifications personally about such offers.
5. If you registered using ‘awaiting result’, ensure you upload your result to enable your chosen institutions to process your admission and reveal your status.
6. To accept or reject admission offers using the JAMB CAPS is FREE.

Steps on How to Accept or Reject Admission Offers Using the JAMB CAPS Admission Portal

Guidelines for Mobile Phone Users

Note that if you are using a mobile device, you may not easily see the window where you will view your admission status. This option is usually made available on the desktop view. So here is the process.
⦁ Log on to using a chrome browser on your mobile device

Note:  If you do not have the chrome browser, you can download on the Google Playstore or appstore)
⦁ Change to desktop view by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of your browser.

JAMB CAPS login page

Then tick the “Desktop View” option.

Change to desktop view for JAMB CAPS Portal


⦁  Enter your email address (the one you registered with JAMB) and password to log in.

Note : The portal will require you to create a JAMB CAPS account if you do not already have one. Then you can continue to log in.
⦁ You will find the option ‘Check UTME /DE Admission Status on CAPS’ on the page, click on it

Check UTME/DE Admission Status on CAPS


⦁ You will see a welcome screen with the ‘Admission Status” option on the left corner. Click on it.
⦁ Next click on the search button located by your JAMB registration number.
⦁ This will load your profile after which you can now select accept or reject under the admission profile.
⦁ Print our a copy of your admission letter if you have accepted your admission offer. As this will be useful  during the registration process of your institution.

Important note

DO NOT click on accept admission, if you have not been offered admission. If the admission status space is blank, DO NOT accept admission. Also, if you think a better institution of your choice might still offer you admission, DO NOT accept admission.

Guidelines for Computer Users

The process is relatively easier on a laptop or desktop
⦁ Visit the JAMB CAPS admission portal by clicking
⦁ Login by entering your password and registered email address or if not create a JAMB CAPS account. Then verify your email and then log in
⦁ Click on the “Check 2018 UTME/DE Admission Status on CAPS“ option
⦁ Click on the Admission Status option located on the left panel
⦁ Find and click on the search button by your registration number to load your profile
⦁ Accept or reject your admission offer depending on your choice
⦁ Print our your admission letter if you chose to accept the admission

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