‘My Essence is Always Work’ – Adekunle Gold Reveals Why He Helped Former Project Fame Winner

A few days ago, news broke out on social media of a former winner of the musical show, MTN Project Fame, Olawale spotted out driving Uber for a living.

This generated mixed reactions from Niverians, some people celebrated him for being modest and doing something noble, others questioned how he stooped so low from a multimillionaire to become a driver.

In a ahocking twist of event, singer Adekunle Gold reached out to him for them to work on a single together.

Adekunle Gold in an interview with Cool FM revealed why he reached out to help him.

“So there’s this guy called Olawale, he won Project Fame and I can’t remember which year. When I saw his video that went viral talking about him doing uber and how people have abused him on how do you go from winning Project Fame to riding Uber, and he was just being honest. He was just saying I can’t steal, I don’t know how to steal, a man has to do what he has to do to fend for himself. And that touched me because that’s everything I’ve always been about. My essence is always just Work. The dignity in labour is underrated in this country. People do so much, but they don’t get celebrated. You don’t even need to celebrated for what you are doing, but at least get rewarded. So it just touched me ‘I should help this guy.”

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