Complete List Tribes in Kogi State Nigeria

Kogi state should have been nicknamed the ‘junction state’ its has the highest number of states that connect to it in Nigeria. It comprises of various tribes like the Igala, Ebira, Kabba and Yoruba divisions of the former Kabba province. It is believed to share common boundaries with Niger, Kwara, Nassarawa and The Federal Capital Territory to the north and to the east, Benue and Enugu state, to the south  Enugu and Anambra States, and to the west  Ondo, Ekiti and Edo states. Lokoja, the Niger/Benue confluence town is the state capital. it is assumed that ethnically, Yoruba, Nupe and Bassa forming the main ethnic groups. Sit back as we explore the intriguing tribes in Kogi State!

Bassa Tribe Bassa

They are believed to be found popularly in the Local Government Area in Kogi State, Nigeria. which its shares border with River Niger and River Benue . Its headquarters are in the town of Oguma.

The Bassa tribes in Kogi state are divided into 3 major groups which are “The Bassa-Komo, Bassa-nge and Egbira koto. The Bassa-Komo has the highest population followed by Bassa-nge and Egbira koto. The traditional title holder of The Bassa-Komos is the “AGUMA” of Bassa who is a 1st class chief, The “Etsu” of Bassa-Nge also a 1st class chief and the “OHIOGBA” of Mozum is the traditional chief of the Egbiras koto as the 3rd class chief.

The traditional title holder of the Bassa Nge is the Etsu Bassa Nge. The religion said to be practiced majorly among this tribes are the ethnic religion even though  Christianity is being practiced there as well.

 Ebira Tribe

The Ebira tribe is a middle point of some sort for the Yorubas and Hausas. These people speak a language that sounds like a funny dialect of the Yoruba language.

The Ebira people are a both of Muslims and Christians. Although the Muslims in this tribe are more. These people are mostly traders and seem to have mixed up the Yoruba and Hausa cultures to form a unique culture of their own.

Igala Tribe Image result for bassa tribe in nigeria

The Igala people are located in lokoja. Their ancestral home is situated east of the river Niger They have a population of about 2 million people and speak a language that is similar to the Yoruba language and the language that is spoken by the itshekiri people.

The people of igala have a culture that is partly influenced by the Yoruba culture and the Hausa culture.

The people of Igala are both Christians, Muslims and also practice animism. Farming is the major occupation that is practiced in this tribe.

 Owe Tribe

The Owe people occupy Kabba /Bunnu local government área of Kogi state. The people of Owe live close to the Osse River and not far from Abuja. The Owe language is spoken by this people.

Farming and trading are the major occupations practiced by people of Owe. Also, Christianity is the dominant language that is spoken by this tribe.

There are other tribes found in Kogi state like the Ebu, Gbedde and Ijumu tribes that still need some insights. Do you have any information about these tribes? or Do you think that there more tribes in Kogi state that aren’t listed?Then share them with us via comment. We will be happy to feature it in this article.

One thought on “Complete List Tribes in Kogi State Nigeria

  • July 18, 2018 at 5:12 pm

    The Idoma people of Ette in Olamaboro LG are not mentioned here. Ette people share brother with the people of Enugu state. Their Traditional rula known as Adogo Aaron Akoh was crown in Idah by the Attach of Igala land. Kindly do your research and The Idoma people of Ette


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